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USATF Cross County 5k

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Member Since:

Feb 02, 2014



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

Childhood: I tagged along with my Dad and older brothers to many local fun runs. Did the SLC Winter series (when it was in South Jordan) a few times. Won the Governer's Cup (1 mile kids run) one time. Niavely thought I was the fastest kid in the state.

Jr High: I realized I was far from the fasted kid in the state or even my school. Ran Track and XC every year but had a love/hate relationship with running.

High School: I was hugely inspired by the top runners at Taylorsville HS, Adam Stark and Teren Jamesen, who were both top runners in the state and recieved scholarships to run at the U of U (before the men's program was cut...thanks title 9). As a Junior, my love/hate relationship with running turned to pure love as I discovered what it really meant to train consistently and see myself improve.


State XC course at sugarhouse 16:10 (35th overall--with Bingham as the #1 high school in the nation, there was tons of depth in 1996).



Adult Running:

I was not fast enough to recieve any scholarships, so I didn't run competetively in college. Also, I had a naggin hamstring injury for several years after High School which prevented me from real training. I just did basic 20-35 mpw. Eventually, if figured out how to rehab my hamstring, and started training again. My first really good race was the Salt Lake Classic 10k in 2004. I ran in 33:33 and outkicked Sasha (this is probably the reason Sasha thinks I have a good kick. Based on all the times I have been out-kicked, I'm not so sure).


Mile--4:43--as a lone time trial on UNLV track while on vacation in 2006. (I haven't done a 1-mile race since High School).

5K--15:17--DaperDays 2012

10k--30:58 (aided)--DesNews 2009

1/2 M--1:09:16--Salt Lake Marathon and Half M. 2009

Marathon--2:27:30--Chicago 2009.






Short-Term Running Goals:

I have been in an injury cycle for about 18 months. I want to finally have the PATIENCE to SLOWLY build up my training, so that when I get to decent mileage, I won't be injured.

Since I am now 35, I think I will be satisfied just to not slow down. Although, if my training went perfectly, I know I am capable of more PR's, but getting perfect training is not always possible.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Continue to be a local competetive runner for as long as I can. Continue to find enjoyement in training and racinge even when my PRs are a distant memory.


I run for the Wasatch Running Center team. They have gratiously supported me with free gear and store discounts for many years. They Rock!

I have been married since the end of 2004. I have two children. We may have more kids in several years if/when life gets a little less hectic.

I am a big fan and follower of professional running. Our sport has a phenomenal level of participation right now. I think the quality of our sport could be improved if the average runner was more aware of the professional sport of athletics/running.

My favorite professional runner is Kenenesia Bekele. I hope he can return to form and dominate the roads during his 30's. I daydream about him also returning to the track just once or twice to beat a particularly overated sit and kick runner. My other favorite runner is Chris Solinsky. He and I are about the same size, so I was super happy when he was the first non-African born runner to break 27 minutes for 10K. I hope he also can salvage the remaining years of his career.

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Race: USATF Cross County 5k (3.1 Miles) 00:17:15, Place overall: 2

I ran this race for two reasons. The first was to run a cross country race for a change, and the second was to make sure I wasn't passed in the overall LDR circuit standings. This was my 9th circuit race and my 15th race this year. To be honest, I was kind of mentally burned out when preparing for this race. Physically I recovered well from the TOU Marathon, and have been running well, but when I would think about putting in the effort during a race, it made me want to take a nap:) 

Unfortunately (or fortunately when considering my circuit points situation), not many people showed up to this race. And the two guys that I know are usually faster than me (Jake and Steve) were both in various states of injury recovery. I decided that I might as well try to win the thing since I haven't won a circuit race this year (even though this event felt more like a group workout than a race). There was a guy on the start line that I had never seen before, but he had the look of a fast runner.

The "new guy" and me were in front from the start. I could tell early on from the way he was breathing, that the pace wasn't too hard for him. We went off course at about 1/2 mile (totally my fault, I'm not sure what I was thinking). Luckily Steve yelled to us and we realized I had made a mistake. We tuned around and got back on the course. It cost us about 20-30 seconds. From this point on, I was trying to hang on to the new guy for as long as I could. By about 1 mile, we had moved back in front of the field, but I had already been gapped. I was hurting pretty badly. I could tell I ran beyond my ability and it would just be a struggle for the next 2 miles. For the final two loops of the park I was basically just surviving the uphills and coasting on the downhills. I wished I had run differently. It's alot more fun to run in a way were I can speed up over the last half, but I figured this would be the last race of the year so I would just get my fill of "race-pace suffering."

I learned after the race, that the winner recently moved from Sacramento, I think I heard that his name is Anthony, but my memory might be faulty on that. I think he will be a usual comptetetor in the Utah running scene.

Considering the course and conditions, I have no idea what my finishing time converts to in a normal 5k. I finished 30 seconds behind the winner, and he seems to be a really fast guy, but I don't know how hard he pushed himself. Overall, I don't care too much. I got the circuit points needed to secure my 3rd place ranking, and I'm ready to take a break from racing untill next year.

I hope a cross country race like this happens again next year and that more people can show up ready to race. Thanks to all the USATF volunteers who help put on this event and who make the LDR circuit happen!



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